The work of Hannah Starkey

June 26, 2014

Hannah Starkey poetically captures images of women in transient moments and spaces. While her photos are staged, they exude a raw urgency, often intended as a feminist or racial critique of the model’s perceived role in society.
Often titling her work as Untitled, followed by a generalized date of creation, her photographs parallel the interconnected vagueness of memory, recalling suggestions of events and emotions without fixed location or context. Her work presents a platform where fiction and reality are blurred, illustrating the gap between personal fragility and social construction, and merging the experiences of strangers with our own, via Saatchi Gallery. After seeing a collection of her photographs, it’s hard not to wonder, “what are all of these women waiting for?” and to create a personal narrative, further obscuring fact and fiction. 

taxt by Ana Capurso