The work of Edward Olive

April 20, 2017

Edward Olive is a world-renowned professional fine art & international destination wedding photographer based out of Madrid Spain.

Olive was a commercial litigation lawyer in London and Paris until he threw in the towel to pursue his more artistic interests. Olive got into photography by chance only in 2005 when he purchased his first camera, an entry level digital reflex Canon 350d to shoot his own actor’s book on a tripod with remote control. He continues to shoot almost exclusively with analog cameras, still preferring the oldest expired film he can find, shunning the contemporary digital post-produced Photoshop look of current commercial and fashion photography in favor of the grittier, earthier, unpredictability of expired film whether color negative, slides, black & white or Polaroid type instant film. Aside from shooting weddings, Olive is also well known for his Fine art erotic and boudoir photography. Selected some of our favorites for the Juxtapoz readers but you can see more of Olive’s work here.

- Iqvinder Singh