The work of David Goldes

July 08, 2014

Amongst his many mesmerizing subjects, David Goldes creates photographs of water. His book Water Being Water, published in 2005 by Wright State University Art Galleries, guide viewers through still lifes which highlight the element’s profound various states. Utilizing the precision of a large format technique, the images balance poetic simplicity and a quietly unstable alchemy. His approach succeeds fully in its ability to address the photographic process, which itself relies on water, as both art and science.

In the words of photographer and writer Vince Leo, “When Goldes chose water, he was choosing the most ubiquitous and mysterious liquid in human history… When he chooses water, Goldes provides a certain opening for the world to assert itself, to surprise him, to change the picture. Into that opening rushes all the historical signification, chemical characteristics, metaphorical embodiments, and visual properties of water and the world.”

Goldes is native to New York, with a background in both molecular genetics and photography. He currently teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is represented by the Yossi Milo Galleryin New York.

Text by Linnea Stephan