The work of Dana Lixenberg

March 30, 2014

Dana Lixenberg is a Dutch photographer, her book THE LAST DAYS OF SHISHMAREF is a wonderful documentation of a disappearing Alaskan town. The population is tiny and Lixenberg intimately documents many aspects of the people lives, in a sincere and anthropological study. In the book there is even a chart of the food they consume depending on the months, and how the weather affects their lifestyle. Lixenberg beautifully documents this community far from other forms of civilization; they are a fascinating blend of modernity and self-sustainability. Though this town is being forced out by nature itself, the waterline is rising every day and they will soon have to retreat further inland to avoid falling directly into the ocean. Lixenberg carefully studies them as the changes mount and they prepare for their departure in this beautiful book.  

Text written by Cole Tracy