The work of Anders Petersen

March 26, 2014

Anders Petersen was born in Sweden, 1944. He published his first photographic book in 1973; through four decades of artistic photographic practice he has remained extremely active and relevant within the art world, through his contrast-laden and gritty images. Peterson symbolizes, for me, the essence of photography: he has travelled to cities on nearly every continent and done various themes through the years but all the projects are truly definitive of how Peterson sees reality. No matter the location he finds ways to produce eerie voyeuristic images, which are more definitive of Peterson’s personal existence than any location within the image. He embraces the subjectivity of his images and goes in search of the same diaristic sexual photographs no matter what subject or location. Although it would seem to get redundant after forty years Peterson manages to discover new compositions and realities through the same probing style, he is the essence of one who explores the world with his camera: equal parts Daido Moriyama, Lee Friedlander, and Bruce Gilden this prolific photographer belongs in the pantheon with all the other greats of photographic history. 

text written by Cole Tracy