Alex Stoddard, a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA, creates beautiful narratives without words. His photographs, both in series and standing on their own, provide mysterious and dark commentaries on the human experience.

Stoddard has an impressive vision for composition and doesn't seem to run out of scenarios to photograph. Each one seemingly marries fear and darkness with the delicacy of purity and the organic, the result is positively stirring. Such descriptive imagery provides and insightful view of the human condition in regards to various contemporary issues.

Stoddard taught himself photography at a young age by sharing at least one photograph everyday for a year. Inspired by his experiences growing up and his battle with identity, Stoddard began his career primarily with self-portraits. In the six years since, he has photographed for album covers, advertisements and book covers. Follow Alex Stoddard on Instagram.

- Molly Jacobs