The Surreal Photographs of Hugh Kretschmer

June 04, 2015

Hugh Kretschmer’s photographs are highly conceptual as well as imaginative. According to Kretschmer, “ My ideas are conjured-up by my dreams and desires of what life could be, if only… They are commentaries on the human condition and seek to embrace the strengths and weaknesses we all share; illustrated through quirk and irony.” Kretschmer’s photographs manage to be playful and surreal while still maintaining thoughtful and dark undertones. His artistic process of some of his work, starting from his original drawings to the end result can be seen in his Tumblr. His work explores the intersection of being playful and powerful.

Hugh Kretschmer was born in Los Angeles and his career has spanned for over two decades. He discovered photography at the age of thirteen, which he credits to the guidance of his father, a photo-instrumentation engineer for McDonnell Douglas.

Text by Melissa Welikson