The Photography of Vivian Fu

August 03, 2015

Vivian Fu is a San Francisco based photographer dealing primarily with the topics of Asian femininity and fetishization. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, the porn capital of the United States, Fu was surrounded by, in her words, “beachy beautiful valley girls, white skater boys with Asian fetishizes doing skateboard tricks into their swimming pools.” Inspired by artwork she’s seen on the internet as a young teen, Fu began sharing her own photographic diary on the web. “I began to understand [the internet] as a voyeuristic space for seeing others while simultaneously being seen myself,” she says. “I became aware of it’s potential as a socially and politically transformative space, where I could not only demand representation for myself, but also propagate that representation.” Exploring relationships with her friends and partners, Fu reveals beautifully intimate moments from her life. Through her photographs, she challenges the Western stereotypes of Asian women in supporting or fetishized roles by reclaiming agency of her identity and body. Her images integrate blunt sexual imagery with softer feminine aspects to confront the viewer’s expectations and biases on Asian femininity.

Text by Alexis Lodsun