The photography of Amanda Boe

July 30, 2014

Amanda Boe has lived in two of the most influential, artistically spirited cities in America, but finds true home in the unassuming city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Her photographs address the lasting influence of an environment, even after leaving. She writes, “I continued to photograph in California and found myself drawn to scenery that reminded me of the Midwest: open, isolated, and quiet.”

Boe’s photographs are painterly with soft rich hues. The appearance of an occasional character, whether it is a person, cat or a crooked tree, establishes for viewers the feeling of a photographic walk through a contemporary Wonderland. 

Amanda Boe is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, and studied photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Several years prior, she had studied architecture while attending the University of Minnesota, a neighboring state to her homeland of South Dakota.

Text by Linnea Stephan