“The Oldest Living Things in the World”

March 21, 2014

“Since 2004 I’ve been researching, working with biologists, and traveling the world to photograph continuously living organisms 2,000 years old and older,” explains photographer Rachel Sussman. The series titled The Oldest Living Things in the Worldis being released in April 2014 in a photobook form by the University Of Chicago Press. The book is comprised of 124 photographs and four info graphics. Sussman’s photographic survey depicts subjects such as trees, bacteria, coral, and lichen. Each image is paired with hand written text underneath the photograph listing the object’s name, age, and location to help aid the viewer in spotting the focus of the composition. The locations Sussman traveled to are all over the world, from Greenland, to Siberia, to the Australian outback. She describes the project as “a record and celebration of our past, a call to action in the present and a barometer of our future.”

text written by Canbra Hodsdon