The Modern Day Witches of Poland

October 31, 2014

In her photographic series “Women of Power”, Polish photographer Katarzyna Majak creates portraits of modern-day witches, healers, enchantresses, and spiritual leaders from Poland.

In a country where Christianity has taken over the majority of the Poland’s religious practices, the subjects Majak depicts are holding on tight to the spirituality of their ancestors and keeping those practices alive. Majak explains on her website, “'WOMEN OF POWER’ practice a wide range of spiritual paths and spiritual systems. A few are traditional healers (so called ‘whisperers’ who mix religion with primeval superstitions to heal and remove spells using prayers) whose traditions survived on the Belarusian border. Some are women who had grandmothers who could ‘see’ or were herbal healers and who are working to revive what would otherwise be dead traditions. Others say that ancient spiritual knowledge survived in the subconscious but that there is the need to learn from outer traditions leaving them with no other choice than to travel abroad - to North America, Peru, or New Zealand - to learn, come back and mix this knowledge with local traditions such as old Slavic ceremonies or demonology”.