Erika Mugglin is a Los Angeles based artist who utilizes photography to capture a parallel universe not unlike what it would be like to live inside a rainbow. She uses her lens as a platform to create kaleidoscopic vistas of surreality, where people are seen less for their visages than for their colors. These images exude a sense of joyful yet complex curiosity about the world as reflected through her subjects.

Erika Mugglin initially started experimenting with photography as a way of preserving the moment as she moved several times throughout the course of her adolescence. For Erika, he medium has expanded into a platform for dissecting social normalities, collaborations, travel, and promotion of other artist in a variety of mediums.  

In her studio work, she prefers to work with the human form, creating surrealistic portraits that are both inviting and strange. Anything from casting the nude dancing across the stars we were wrought from, to juxtaposing the over-idealized forms of our media against the natural body. The human experience is the basis for all of her conceptual work.

This has led her to collaborating on several projects with musicians, and even living at Wayne Coyne's house in OKC to work with sculptress Natalie Wetzel (G'NAT) and Daniel Huffman (Newfumes) on the 'Globular' stage installation at the Womb Gallery, a dripping, semitransparent outpouring of masses of cellophane and tape formed off of humanoid shapes. She also contributes to performance art group Glitterus combining sculptural costuming and movement with music.