The controversial and provocative photographic work of Andres Serrano

February 28, 2014

Andres Serrano is extremely well known yet underappreciated. The majority of people who are aware of his work are only familiar with his publicity stunt "Piss Christ," where he soaked a crucifix of Jesus in urine. While this may seem vile, Serrano is interested in what contemporary religion and sexuality look like. Many may claim this statement, but none have explored it in such an arduous and disturbing manner as Serrano. ‘Piss Christ’ was not some half-cocked art stunt to garner attention, it is a photograph within a series of icons submerged in bodily fluids, and it seems quite logical when one considers it: what is more religiously human than the fluids which we secrete? Further exploring this theory Serrano took photographs of these liquids dissolving into one another. He has also photographed many religious groups, KKK members, dead bodies and sexual oddities.  Serrano may be said to have controversial work, but he does so in a comprehensive manner with intellect and purpose.

text written by Cole Tracy