Anna Rose is a visual artist with a taste for the unusual. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts and currently based in Florence, Italy, she received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2014.

Her work spans photography, video, costume and installation with a sensibility towards the relationship between body and environment, entering into conversation with historical, psychological and cultural mythologies of place.

Often employing hair as the catalyst for her research, these works reexamine familiar tropes of femininity, memory and childhood. Playfully subverting the fetishisation of hair, the work provides a platform for the expression of attraction, revulsion and fear often ascribed to the female body — on the edge between the composed and beautiful, and the chaotic or unkempt. Her photographs capture an interesting dynamic, a sharp contrast between both extremes and yet, a graceful undertone that ties everything together, evoking a sense of balance and tranquility despite it’s strange nature.

Anna has recently exhibited her work in Munich (Das KloHäuschen), Salzburg (Periscope), Prato (Tuscan Art Industry) and Denver (Center for Photographic Arts Center) among others, and has been awarded artist residencies in Iceland (Gamli skóli) and Hungary (D’clinic), as well as the 2013 Cadogan Murphy Award for Contemporary Art.

Check out Rose's Braided video here

- Maria G. Tuckler