Tatum Shaw's "Wonderland"

July 04, 2014

Tatum Shaw is a photographer and advertising copywriter currently living and working in Portland, OR. Tatum’s photographic practice is one filled with images that have an idiosyncratic sentiment of a family snapshot. A bright flash, skewed perspectives or blurred focuses are all integral parts that work to give cohesiveness to his photographs. Tatum’s most recent work titled Wonderland Trail is a series of photographs printed as a set of limited edition postcards that document his road trip from New Orleans to his grandparent’s abandoned summerhouse in the mountains of North Carolina. The use of color throughout the series is not dissimilar to an Eggleston photograph. The rich saturation and color tone are reminiscent of printed commercial photography of the late 70s and 80s, which feels appropriate for their postcard format. The words Wonderland Trail are derived from the road where Tatum’s grandparent’s house still sits today. The images serve as a memento to this place as well as the small towns leading up to it. They continue to hold true to Tatum’s snapshot style of image making that helps situate them as glimpses perhaps from distant memories of place. 

text by Houston Cofield