Navel gazing can get a little old, so, in the coming weeks (months?), as we find ourselves counting the hours till lunchtime on the sofa, we look for productive and creative ways to spend our days. In hopes of inspiring each other, we’ll be sharing some projects by photographers who have used the medium to explore the crevices and vistas of their home or neighborhood.

"I grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand," writes photographer Niki Boon, "with a childhood barefoot, wild and free." To be a child during this pandemic is to be suddenly thrust into an especially confusing and restrictive routine but the sense of childhood freedom and imagination doesn't necessarily require physical space to run wild. While Boon's photographs capture a truly wild and free childhood they also embody a spirit that is inherent in children everywhere. "In part," says Boon, "my photographic work pulls from my childhood freedoms and adventures that still exist so strongly in my mind."

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