#SANDY Book Release

March 26, 2014

In November of 2012, the Foley Gallery in NYC curated a show made up of iPhone photographs taken by about 18 renowned photographers titled #SANDY. The one-night-only show was able to raise $19,000 in donations to Occupy Sandy Recovery, a disaster relief network for those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Due to the success of the show, the displayed photographs were then used to create a photobook of the 94 images published by Daylight Books and 100% of the royalties will be donated to Occupy Sandy to support rebuilding efforts in the New York City area and Sandy Storyline. The book was launched in November 2013 and you can purchase signed copies of the book at the #SANDY website. You can also see a video about the book project here.

text written by Canbra Hodsdon