Sandro Giordana – IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret)

June 29, 2014

Photographer Sandro Giordano aka @_remmidemmi has been posting photographs through his instagram account for a recent photography project after falling from a bike. Instead of letting go of the object in his hand, he held onto it, damaging it further and losing 30% of the function in his right hand. A friend shortly afterwards had a similar experience, breaking his leg to prevent his smartphone from falling into nearby water. Sandro stated: “We live in a time where we risk material things becoming more important than our own lives, and this is really worrying.”

These experiences promting the photo series ‘In Extremis (bodies with no regret), his (mostly) female and male subjects are positioned in haphazard awkward and unnatural positions, their abundant material belongings scattered around them. Offering a tragicomic insight into the willingness we have to put the safety of material objects above our own.
text by Maresa Harvey