Residents of New York

June 03, 2014

Drawn to subject matter that comments on current events and demands social change, artist Andres Serrano spent months with the homeless of New York City to create his most recent series “Residents of New York” which is made up of large scale portrait photographs. Until June 16, the work will be publicly displayed in locations around Washington Square, the subway station at West 4th Street and on LaGuardia Place, Judson Memorial Church, and numerous public phone booths throughout Manhattan. The More Art website explains, “Serrano initially photographed homeless individuals in New York almost 25 years ago in 1990 for a series of powerful studio-style portraits titled Nomads. In Residents of New York, he removes his signature studio elements, focusing instead on personal connectivity and interaction directly on the streets of New York City, where the homeless live. These portraits give a dignified face to a group of people often ignored and marginalized in society. The men and women who are often invisible on the streets now demand a second look.” See a video about the project here.

text by Canbra Hodsdon