Recap Of "Shutter Speed", A Skate-Focused Photo Show in San Francisco

May 17, 2017

Over one thousand humans attended the opening at the Milk Center in Duboce Park which had ramps on hand and live music from Tony and Trixie Trujillo as well as Evan Smith. It was a great night for skateboarding as a whole where you could walk outside and see Mark G casually shredding the tennis courts or chop it up inside in the gallery with Grant Taylor about life and art.


This incredible show was born from skating a rail outside the center and instead of just getting kicked out Nicola and Dave from The Harvey Milk Center welcomed us as a culture to have an epic exhibition complete with a skate course and mosh pit which shows how far a little bit of clear communication and compassion can go between skateboarders and the general public. Many thanks to all the contributors that made this event possible. Be sure the peep the show if you are in SF, it is up for the rest of the month."––Mike Kershnar