"Prince Street Girls" by Susan Meiselas

January 08, 2018

"I was riding a bicycle through my neighborhood in Little Italy nearly thirty-five years ago. Suddenly, a blast of light flashed into my eyes. Its source was a group of kids standing with a mirror, focusing the sun on my face, nearly blinding me. That was the day I met the Prince Street Girls, the name I gave the group that hung out on the nearby corner almost every day. I was the stranger who didn’t belong. Little Italy was mostly for Italians then." —Susan Meiselas

Shot during a short period in the late 1970s in New York's Lower East Side, Susan Meiselas developed a close and lasting bond with a group of eleven neighborhood girls, collectively known as the Prince Street Girls. A new book that is available as part of TBW Books' annual subscription series provides an intimate and sprawling view of the girls’ formative years in an ever-changing city. Meisalas, a highly renowned and respected photographer, works today as a member of Magnum. Her early 1970's work, Carnival Strippers, and her following work in Nicaragua remain seminal photographic achievements to this day.

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