As Pixy Liao's show just came down at L21 in Palma, Spain, we wanted to take a look at the works that were in Opening.

Pixy Liao’s art is characterized by a bold blur, where traditional gender roles are joyfully subverted, sparking thought-provoking reflections. Throughout her practice, intimacy takes on new meanings, challenging societal norms and portraying female-dominant relationships.

In these series “For your eyes only”, through staged scenes and surreal compositions, she investigates notions of power dynamics, agency, and vulnerability.  It offers a glimpse into the typically private realms shared only with our most cherished ones.

One of Liao’s most celebrated series, “Experimental Relationship,” captures the essence of her artistic exploration. Through a series of intimate portraits and playful scenarios, she reflects on her relationship with her partner, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. This presented series is an extension of that one.

Beyond photography, Liao presents a sculpture in the beginning of the exhibition titled “Boob cake” where fluidity is mixed in a gender bending sculpture.

This is a side of love rarely seen with such rawness and playfulness. —Zé Ortigão