Life experience is elusive in a world filled with image hoarding, obsessive sharing of photography, and a visual cacophony so packed that claustrophobia chokes and engulfs. It is a visual barrage barely removed from the anxiety-filled rhythm that is this overwhelming life. It is noteworthy and interesting to view contemporary work by a photographer that dances with this rhythm, but seeks to participate with a quieter visual poetry.

The following was originally published in the September, 2015 issue of Juxtapoz, available here.

Clint Woodside: The Best Kind of Deadbeat
Written by Chris Johanson

From an educational and work background in graphic design, Clint grew up in the blue collar, industrial city of Buffalo, New York. With a lifelong connection to music, and later, art, he has collectively produced events and spaces, becoming an artist who takes elements of his life design and forms them into a visual language and narrative through photographs.

Lately, Clint has been doing Deadbeat Club, his photography imprint, to publish books and curate exhibits for the loose but growing group of artists that he has gathered. His most recent solo exhibition, Build Us A Path, at Space 1026 in Philadelphia was a very personal and meditative look at time and place. Using the aging and decaying landscape of upstate New York alongside the memories of his upbringing, he developed a personal idea of illusion of permanence in the physical world. With 35mm color film and medium-format photographs created with a process aimed at silhouetting objects and places in life and not in stasis, the exhibition was beautiful as its presentation spanned in a line. Breaking the order were time-capsule framed snapshots from the past in groupings that conceptually seemed like decay drum rolls. Bam! Hit! Snap! Time Rolls On. And Clint seems to be rolling in a time well-spent.

Clint Woodside exhibition, Build Us A Path, was held at Space 1026 in Philadelphia this past spring. Check out his for some of the best small books and publications being made today.