Photographs of Painted Women by Pinar Yolacan

December 01, 2017

With her elaborately staged photographs of women in their various cultures, Pinar Yolacan approaches a whole range of issues that refers to art history. Beauty, history, fashion, the female body, religion, colonialism, cultural heritage and the recurrent subject of death get examined in a new light through her camera. Local culture and circumstances are the fundamental elements in Pinar Yolacans meetings with people and add a social and communicative aspect to her work.

She takes on the role as an observer who examines historical, traditional and aesthetic contexts. In her photographic series the textiles are given an expanded role as a cultural fabric surrounding our identities. By covering the entire body and their faces the women remain anonymous and turn into sculptures, they become an abstract image of “the woman” putting questions about her role as the bearer of life and the ideal of beauty. Again, the textiles are directly linked to the motifs as the overalls take up the colour and structure of the material of the antique figurines. —Wetterling Gallery

via the gorgeous daily