Peter Senzamici - Half Frame New York

May 27, 2016

Peter Senzamici is a Brooklyn-based studio photographer and camera collector. Shooting analog with a half-frame is a perfect compliment to the constant motion of New York.

Printed or scanned full frame format produces exceptional diptychs, and this format is also used in 35mm motion film. The images as a result create a brief narrative similar to that of a movie. Senzamici states, "With its sleek modern design (My Olympus PEN F is a showcase piece of perfect midcentury industrial design), to it's convenient size, physically it is made for roaming the streets or just as a constant-carry camera. Inherently there are some kinetic fluidities to this format, ideal for capturing the movement of the city. The forest and the tree. The juxtaposition, contrasts, and contradictions. The similarities. All easily managed in a beautiful, Japanese chrome box."

Samer Khudairi