"Outsized" by Gerco De Ruijter

July 22, 2014

The process of artist Gerco de Ruijter (Netherlands, b. 1961) sometimes includes flying a kite armed with a camera to obtain a bird’s eye view. By removing the familiar horizon line, all sense of gravity associated with it also escapes, leaving remarkable and painterly abstract landscapes. Instant visual power lies in the photographs ability to disorientate a viewer.

“Outsized” is the name Gerco de Ruijter coined for his series of images created between 2003 and 2013 in New Mexico and Death Valley. The photographer writes, “In White Sands I created a triptych in which I believe I reached the ultimate abstract landscape. With no “things” to see, and no vegetation to indicate any scale, what is visible is just the soft incline created by gypsum. Not the landscape is subject of the photo – daylight is.”

Text by Linnea Stephan