Otto Snoek

April 16, 2014

Otto Snoek’s photographs are surprisingly different from many other street photographers. Perhaps this is because he keeps in tact the reality of these moments of life. There are no events or unusual things, the photographs feel very European and normative. Snoek has photographed in many situations, such as extremely extravagant exclusive parties, large public events, and drunken night gatherings but in each he maintains this subtle nature of his photography. A drunken man in a dress hoists his leg onto a railing, a man with tribal tattoos stands among rubbish behind the stands at a sporting event, or a group of people waiting for the bus. These images are evocative of more than a given moment; one gets a sense of the characters or energy of these places by Snoek’s attentive compositions and poignant moments. 

Text written by Cole Tracy