“Of Length and Measures” by Stephen Tourlentes

March 14, 2014

Photographer Stephen Tourlentes has created a series of work titled “Of Length and Measures”where he photographs prison compounds located in community outskirts. Tourlentes photographs his scenes in black and white at night using the powerful glow of the facilities within the seemingly empty landscape to emphasize their presence. The series is inspired by a prison that was built outside Tourlentes’s hometown in Illinois. “On the outskirts of town the night sky was punctuated with a brilliant glow that changed my perception of the horizon. This transformation of the landscape revealed an unseen human cargo held in time and place,”says Tourlentes. Many of these beautifully haunting images depict privatized “for profit”prisons under contract with the government built to facilitate the demand created by the overflow of prison inmates all across the country, a trend that is quickly on the rise.

text written by Canbra Hodsdon