Cruising around the web today, we came across one of our favorite photographers, Robert Farber, who transforms the human body into an almost landscape photography project.

As his bio states, "Robert Farber’s style has influenced generations of photographers. His painterly, impressionistic style captures the essence of composition in every genre, including nudes, still life, landscapes and architecture. His ten photo art books have sold over half a million copies."

We like this quote from Arnold Newman about Farber: "Today there are tens of thousands of serious photographers seeking new interpretations of the beauty of the female form. There is but a handful whose work truly interests us by revealing different ways of seeing and understanding this beauty. Robert Farber is one of the very few who is able to delight and please us in this elusive approach to nature. From abstraction to realism he reveals to us his love of the female form. His delightful and beautiful photographs offer a unique pleasure."