Nocturnal Musings, Transcendence & The Brilliance Between

May 15, 2016

Gifted across the board, some might say she’s a Renaissance woman of sorts but where Natalia Molina excels most is surely behind a camera.

A visual artist originally from Miami, FL and currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Molina studied film and photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and later specialized in analog photography at The Darkroom School of Photography in Florence, Italy. Celebrated mostly for her ability to capture women in a liberating and authentic manner, childhood, nostalgia and spiritual transformation are themes you often find in some of her strongest work just the same.

Having spent a considerate amount of her life traveling (and living) in various cities and countries, Natalia’s adventures have influenced the aesthetic of her work in that it all con-tains an underlying sense of nomadic restlessness and heartfelt remembrance. An intuitive on multiple levels, she tends to shoot in a similar fashion, embodying the sensuous and the lucid using information available through her settings. Her work meanders into ethereal bodies through portraiture and environment, as well as further exploring the nature of dreams and hallucinations, sexuality and mysticism.

Molina’s photography has been exhibited internationally and has campaigned in both Spain and North Africa. Her work has been featured in publications such as Vogue Korea, ArtSLant, There is No There, MTV3, BET and The Miami New Times — as well as in pub-lic art installations via the Camera Club of New York (Port Authority) and Developers in the Miami Design District. In recent years Natalia has worked in holistic education and actively engages in the conscious art community.

Following are a few images (among others) from her Magician series, taken during a river initiation in Woodstock, NY via The Golden Dome, a nomadic mystery school dedicated to studying the triangulation between art, science and spirit for the advancement of planetary consciousness. Natalia has completed several of their artist residencies to date.

- Maria G. Tuckler