Nobuyoshi Araki's “Love on the Left Eye”

June 02, 2014

Since October of last year, the prolific Japanese erotic photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki, has been largely unable to see out of his right eye due to a retinal artery obstruction. As a result of this new obstacle, Araki shot the photographs that make up his newest series “Love on the Left Eye” on slide film, and, before making any prints, he filled up the right side of the film with a black magic marker. Consisting of hundreds of images, “Love on the Left Eye” reflect Araki’s vision—the left side of each image is clear, but the right side is clouded. An exhibition of these images is currently on display at Taka Ishii Gallery in Japan and is the artist’s twenty-first exhibition with the gallery. A soft cover book has also been published in conjunction with the exhibition in edition of 300.

Exhibition dates: May 25 – Jun 21, 2014

Taka Ishii Gallery (Kiyosumi, Tokyo)