In her photographic series “Projects”, South Korean artist Nikki S. Lee fully immersed herself a-la-Daniel Day Lewis into each role she portrayed in her photographs. From ethnic groups to style driven social cliques to the elderly, each person she portrayed took on it’s own project which also served as each image’s title; for example “The Drag Queen Project”, “The Punk Project”, and “The Yuppie Project”. Describing the projects as having many physical challenges, Lee had to learn to skateboard for “The Skateborder Project”and learn how to dance for “The Swingers Project”. She also hired the services of a professional make-up artist for “The Elderly Project”and worked with a professional trainer for three months to prepare for “The Exotic Dancer Project”. By using a simple point-and-shoot camera, Lee created snapshots that appeared un-staged and spontaneous, helping to provide the believability for portrayals. 

text by Canbra Hodsdon