Based in Detroit, Millee Tibbs is a visual artist who works as an assistant professor at Wayne State University. Her series Mountains + Valleys examines the falsehood of a romanticized ideal of the American West through the use of imagery that praises a vacant wilderness.

By photographing these iconic locations, printing the images, folding them and then re-photographing them, Tibbs sets to interrupt and re-imagine these untouched and untouchable vistas. The work takes on an entire new form through her process and in some instances becomes a three-dimensional object by the use of two primary Origami folds to which the series takes its name from. Tibbs is an accomplished photographer showing at number of galleries and museums noth domestically and internationally. Her awards include studio residencies at the MacDowell Colony, VCCA, Jentel, the Santa Fe Art Institute, and LPEP in Buenos Aires; as well as Puffin Foundation West and ISE Cultural Foundation grants.