M+B Gallery is pleased to present Highlights, Nathaniel Mary Quinn's first solo exhibition with the gallery opening this friday, May 13th. 

Nathaniel Mary Quinn's works on paper exemplify a singular approach to image-making. His figurative compositions are intimate, psychologically-charged portraits influenced by the artist's own past experiences as well as contemporary imagery. Faces are fractured with composite features and spliced with colorful patterns and other graphic elements. Foregoing any preparatory drawings, these works are a result of the artist's intuitive working method and technical virtuosity with the materials. Using charcoal, oil-paint, paint-stick, gouache and oil pastel, Quinn's meticulously rendered compositions appear as if physically collaged from various sourced images.

Quinn's works are deeply informed by his personal history growing up in Chicago's South Side. His childhood experiences at the Robert Taylor Homes, a place of violence, abandonment and poverty, are embedded into his early narrative. Highlights features portraits of individuals from the artist's past, who, through various means, were able to make it out of the notorious public housing project. These compositions give shape to Quinn's memories, the figures from his past finding their way from the subconscious to the paper. In their abstracted bodies and faces, Quinn's personal narrative transforms into a wider exploration on the resiliency of human nature.