"Nameless" by Bence Bakonyi

February 18, 2014


Imbued with the surrealism, minimalism and quiet transubstantiation that we have become accustom to from Bence Bakonyi, the Hungarian photographer presents the project, "Nameless." Stark and unadorned, the series relishes the freedoms intrinsic to interpreting artwork. What does this art mean? What is the artist trying to say? Bakonyi explains, "It is unsolvable what is going on in the pictures, where is the boundary between reality and fiction. The delicate absurdity of the moments of the photo-series Nameless is accompanied by ease that turns our attention from searching for explanations to the liberation of movements appearing in the photographs." Bakonyi will be showcased later this year at the Artify Gallery in Hong Kong and at the Pantocrator Gallery in Shanghai.

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Originally seen at Trendland

text by Algernon Felice Jr