Mona Kuhn's "Bushes and Succulents"

February 20, 2018

Mona Kuhn is well known for her large-scale nude photographs with a very soft and inimitable light, creating a unique dreamlike atmosphere. Her newest series “Bushes & Succulents,” will be on view with Ravestijn Gallery at Photofairs in San Francisco this February 23-25.

"Aside from being suggestive, the botanical close-ups of 'Succulents' are marvellous to gaze upon," says Kuhn. "It is reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe’s floral paintings. Your eyes wander around the graceful lines, not knowing exactly what you are looking at. The selective focus, used while creating the image, leaves room for the imagination. When I look at the large print, I no longer know if I am floating underwater looking at corals or female parts. You enter a realm of visual pleasure and wonder.

The images entitled 'Bushes' are a celebration of the female essence, the au naturel crotch, confident, raw, elegant yet confrontational and unapologetic. In an effort to abstract it away from reality, I experimented with solarizing the black-and-white prints. The effect is reminiscent of Man Ray’s elegant renderings. In this work, the reaction on the skin ranges from metallic, to brilliance, to aged stone. The process reveals imperfections, it brings to the surface their struggles, their strengths, their power.

'Bushes and Succulents' is my artistic response to the ongoing currents in contemporary feminism."