A new exhibition at the Fahey/Klein Gallery features a selection of familiar and newly release images that, in pure Miles Aldridge fashion, are glamorous – yet probe society’s idealized notions of domestic bliss, where sinister undercurrents swirl beneath a flawless surface.

Miles Aldridge is a photographer who is well known for staging elaborate mise-en-scènes that have a film noir quality. The technicolor dream-like worlds he constructs are vibrant, fragmented narratives that defy expectations. Long interested in art history, his highly stylized work draws inspiration from representations of the female nude in art, as well as in pulp fiction and pin-ups. As Aldridge states:

“In my work there is always a push and pull between high and low art.”

Aldridge is a contemporary artist with a unique talent for inspiring the viewers to ask themselves questions. With a keen eye for social absurdities, disguising them in colorful beauty, and then elevating them to thought-provoking art Aldridge highlights a deep truth in his hyper-realities.