Mikkel Johnsen balances a fine line between landscape and architectural photography, shooting images of the built environment. With no occupants in the frame, these industrial compositions invoke a hollow feeling.

Johnsen's approach lies in composing and manipulating many photographs to create both imaginary landscapes and fictionally constructed architecture. Collecting these images typically takes several months to complete a photographic narrative. He writes, "The juxtaposition of the post-industrial landscape and the architectural element gives in my photographic artwork a fragmented snapshot of their mutual relationship. My images have a touch of the uncanny; that something isnt quite what it looks like. I want the viewer to become curious and shape her/his own conception of the contextual history and the relationship between the landscape and the architecture."

The Danish artist will be part of the lineup for the 9th Annual Governors Island Art Fair (2016) beginning September 3rd.

- Samer Khudairi