Michelle Siu's "Marlboro Boys"

August 22, 2014

Like just about anywhere in the world, Indonesia is turning a hefty profit from the sale of tobacco. The only difference being in Indonesia children are freely smoking at alarming young ages. How young? We’re talking about some children having their first cigarette at the age of four! When Toronto-based photographer, Michelle Siu heard news of the rampant young puffers she felt obligated to go document what was happening. “While smoking rates are declining in many western countries, the opposite is happening in the Republic of Indonesia, where over 60% of the male population regularly smokes and uses tobacco,” writes TIME Lightbox. Apparently and to no surprise, Big Tobacco sees opportunity, money signs and is taking advantage of less regulated countries such as Indonesia. Not new news, but beatifully docuemnted by Siu.

via TIME Lightbox