"In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch" by Mark Gerald

June 18, 2014

Mark Gerald is both a photographer and a psychoanalyst. With a Ph.D., two Master’s degrees, and a position at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Gerald is internationally recognized and published for his dialogue regarding psychoanalytic psychology. In addition all of this, Gerald studied photography at Pratt Institute and with the International Center of Photography, among several other workshops at respected institutions. Through the marrying of these two passions, Gerald has created a fascinating body of work: In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch.

Working from the perspective of both, Gerald is interested in the overlap of these professions. He says, “Both psychoanalysts and photographers try to attain a vision of their subjects that is rich in the complexity and interaction between what is show and what is concealed.” In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch features gorgeously saturated, often eccentric portraits of psychoanalysts and their offices, opening up a new world many of us have never been exposed to. Gerald believes that the manner in which people present themselves through their expression, body language, clothing, and surroundings give the viewer a clear understanding—or at least a glimpse—of “the multifaceted nature of the self.”

“The analyst and the analytic space, as represented physically by the office, occupy a very private domain,” Gerald explains, “The person and the room have been though to exist as a blank screen for patients to project their transferences and fantasies upon.”

text by Maddie Maschger