Mako Miyamoto Brings Wookies Back to Earth

Jul 07, 2017 - Jul 29, 2017Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland

This month, Mako Miyamato presents his new show Further West at Stephanie Chefas Projects. Miyamoto is known for his cinematic landscapes brimming with vivid Wookie characters and compelling narratives. His subjects transcend any level of campiness to embody something beautiful and even profound.

Further West​ sees Miyamoto expanding upon his iconography as it marks the first time recognizable humans make an appearance in the Wookie’s world. The exhibit reveals the arrival of Wookies to our planet and how humans came to coexist with them. Taken individually, each work is a mini-narrative dripping with rich color and unforgettable sci-fi imagery. Taken as a whole, ​Further West​ completely reimagines themes of western expansion in a way that Miyamoto is skilled at communicating. The result is a collection of work that's both alien and familiar at once and never without its uniquely visual edge.

As Miyamoto explains, "​Further West​ aims to reframe themes of imperialism and manifest destiny in American history. Refugees and pioneers on the brink of the unknown step onto foreign soil. Engulfed by the sprawl of the landscape before them, they begin to shape the world while the known and unknown collide. Natural and constructed spaces become augmented as mid-century Americana culture adapts, shifts and changes its trajectory toward a new and uncertain future."