Luca Venter's photography

August 19, 2015

Not old enough to drink in the Unites States yet, but able to get hired and travel around shooting photographs of musicians, Denver-based, Luca Venter is a young talent worth keeping an close eye on. In an interview with VSCO, Venter explains that in his initial years of photography instead of waiting for others to get in contact, he would himself reach out to a number of people with the only thing to lose was being told no. “When I was 15, I started contacting bands that I wanted to photograph to build up my portfolio. Looking back at what my portfolio looked like when I was 15, I'm really surprised that anyone was even remotely keen on letting me take their photos. Not sure how I managed that. Fortunately, as I've gotten a bit older, I've been able to build some good relationships with bands, managers, and labels,” Venter explains. Often having a dreamlike quality with a great eye for composition, this young photographer’s practice is only really beginning.