Passed down from generation to generation, local folklore act as symbolic myths to illustrate traditional, religious, and cultural beliefs. In her series "Red Lotus," Thai photographer Kamonlak Sukhai questions why certain myths continue to be pressed upon new generations without being questioned or investigated. "These myths," she explains, "some are fictional and some are based on true stories to reflect on social structures of the past, therefore culture and tradition are over somewhat exaggerated through the beliefs of Buddhism, Brahms and Animism (Spiritual), this also includes how sexuality is viewed."

"Some of these beliefs are told through mythical characters and some stories are even ‘confirmed’ to be true, and the characters real people who actually existed to strengthen these beliefs. The stories are taught in school, and no questions are raised about their authenticity but the actual question is what do these ideologies stand for? Why up-hold such ideas? This reflects upon the power of belief and its hold in shaping society’s frame of mind.

Ideals and beliefs had held power over people for many centuries. It plays a big role in our everyday life. Stories that are told through religious beliefs are passed on through generations, through literature, fairy tales, legends all relating to divines and the extraordinary, meaning that these stories can be both real and fiction with a purpose to relate the past to the present. Not only does it explain social structures in the past, but it is also a tool used to maintain the same frame of mind in the present, to forever immortalize these ideologies."