Justin Kaneps's “In Our Veins

April 29, 2014

Justin Kaneps is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Boston; in his ongoing project “In Our Veins” he documents many facets of the coal industry. The project explores the strong economic ties between Appalachian communities and the coalmining industry. We see families in idyllic landscapes with smoke stacks in the background, workers with injuries, the insides of factories, and small objects such as helmets. The vast array of subject matter helps the viewer get a comprehensive glimpse into these towns and the hardworking people within them. In his own words: “The interdependency between our American coal industry and its surrounding communities is deep and complex. While embracing the realities and myths surrounding coal production I reveal the socioeconomic impact on Appalachian communities that mine it.”

View more of Justin's work here.

Text written by Cole Tracy