Juxtapoz is partnering with Vans on a special series of Vision Walks at ComplexCon in Long Beach this November 3-4 with photographers Ray Barbee, Daniel Arnold, Brock Fetch, and Miranda Barnes.

For a chance to participate in one of the walks (It's free) please submit 3-5 images, your shoe size, why you want to go on the walk, and your top two picks for photographers (we will try our best to accommodate) to [email protected] by Friday, 10/26, 8AM Pacific Time.

This year, Vans brings creative discovery to ComplexCon, hosting its “Vision Walk” photography workshop over the interactive two-day event. Vans Vision Walks inspires people to discover the world around them while embarking on their own creative self-discovery through photography. As a testament to its commitment to enabling creative expression, Vans will host the Vision Walk workshop at this year’s ComplexCon, taking individuals on a journey with influential artists and photographers, who will engage them to find their own perspective. From novice photo-takers to industry experts, Vans welcomes everyone to these experiential workshops and encourages all to share their point of view and showcase the unique perspectives that come from the energy of collaboration.

VWBOS AlexNicholson00
Photo by Brock Fetch