Ian Webb

May 11, 2014

Perusing the photography of Ian Webb elicits emotions similar to what one might feel traveling the world in a moment; to become a part of each culture's most personal routines and expeditions and feel the waters of the Yangtze run through your fingers in one moment and the cobbled streets of London beneath your feet in the next. Originally from the UK but now in Beijing, Webb's focus on travel photography allots him the creative space to explore themes and motifs that include "composition and lighting, placing people within natural and urban compositions, solitude, spontaneity and the pure magic of bringing to life that which seems ordinary". From his stark black and white images to his saturated use of light and color, Webb captures the magic that he hopes to convey and almost transcends the sense of sight and taps into our touch, taste, smell, and hearing.


text by Algernon Felice Jr