"Honor The Treaties" by Aaron Huey

March 04, 2014

A highly overlooked part of America’s history is the Native American genocide. Repercussions are still evident through the marginalization, violence, alcoholism, and terrible living situations on many Native American reservations today. Aaron Huey came as a photojournalist but ended up dedicating himself to the people within the community of Pine Ridge, a place with one of the highest unemployment rates throughout all of America. This is just a symptom of the terrible situation which these people have been subjected to. Car crashes, murders, and alcoholism are more or less common place in this tiny community in South Dakota. Aaron Huey is one of the only photographers around today working in the traditional documentary sense of Lewis Hine, using the medium to promote change and benefit human beings. Huey has been an advocate in bringing these issues to the public through photography and he has also has worked in collaboration with Shepard Fairey to paste murals throughout the town in a project titled “Honor The Treaties”. 

View Huey's work here, view his tear-inducing Ted Talk, and watch a video about Honor The Treaties.

text written by Cole Tracy