Johnny McCormack, a photographer from Auckland, NZ, captures landscapes with chilling, untouched stillness. When not snapping photos, McCormack works as a Senior Designer and Art Director.

Johnny McCormack’s Homecoming consists of a series of winter landscapes taken while working various commissions over a number of years. His compositions contain symmetry, pairing cold, choppy textures with an absence or emptiness. McCormack’s lens has unearthed a balance difficult to detect, making the loneliness of winter so inviting and difficult to leave behind.

Speaking on this partuclur project McComack says, “Homecoming stems from the ‘out takes’ whilst traveling internationally to shoot commercial and editorial work for over a period of sixteen consecutive winters. Shot on the outskirts of the pacific rim, paying close attention to the notion of a return and yearning for ‘home’ a body of work began to unravel. Being far from home, finding solace adrift in strange and incongruous territories, places of wonder and curiosity – the photographer attempts a sense of belonging via his lens while living and operating within transient circumstances. The resulting landscapes evidence places of retreat and pilgrimage – for the viewer, potentially to also find a way to return home." 

- Molly Jacobs