Moria Camp in Greece was notorious for being Europe’s worst refugee camp. Designed to house 3000, the camp fluctuated between 6000–21000 people before burning down in September 2020. A new camp was built on Lesvos. In the last three years, Hilde Honerud has carried out a major work associated with Moria Camp, on the island of Lesvos in Greece. She has joined people doing sports through the organization Yoga and Sports with Refugees (YSR). This exhibition at MELK in Oslo, Norway showcases a selection of this work.

Honerud works in the tradition of documentary photography, but her motifs are far from classical. In a time where images of catastrophic events are part of everyday life, there is a need to question how to communicate these incidents through images. Honerud refers to Jon Berger’s essay Uses of Photography (1978) regarding her approach to this philosophy: “For the photographer, this means thinking of her or himself not so much as a reporter to the rest of the world but rather, as a recorder for those involved in the events photographed. The distinction is crucial.”