Go Tell It: Civil Rights Photography

Apr 30, 2016 - Jan 08, 2017Seattle Art Museum, Seattle

In light of recent events, it is interesting to compare present day to 1960s America. In the exhibit Go Tell It: Civil Rights Photography, at the Seattle Art Museum, major works from the Civil Rights Movement era are on display. Featuring artists such as Dan Budnik, Danny Lyon, Roy deCarava, Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand, Marion Post Wolcott, among others.

This exhibition goes into the heart of one of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history – a time when many groups experienced outright injustice and marginalization. Go Tell It captures the heightened moments of this time, from segregation during the Jim Crow days to documenting important leaders of the movements for equality. Armed with a camera, photographers of this era recorded some of the most outrageous and memorable staples, acting as not only reporters but also as activists. To provide a modern-day comparison to these works, the exhibit also includes works by two artists, Joseph Nroman and Shikeith, who document similar racial issues in present day. Norman’s work includes portraits of black gang members from the 1990s, hovering on the topic of racial inequalities and the deprivation of certain liberties. Shikeith’s work is video-based, focusing on the obstacles that black men must face in their everyday lives.

- Melanie Rosenblatt